Sofer, Rabbi Gedaliah, comes to B’nai Emunah

By Sharon Bleviss

What is liquid darkness? How does a congregation ensure that their Torah scrolls are “kosher”? Tuesday evening, January 25th,  Rabbi Gedaliah shared his enthusiasm and knowledge with a group of about twenty of us as he explained how a sofer goes about repairing and restoring a Torah.

Three of our Torah scrolls are being repaired by Rabbi Gedaliah, a sofer who has been hired by our Board. The most heavily used scroll is being worked on first and Rabbi Gedaliah showed us a couple of sections where he needs to use the black “ink” called liquid darkness to repair the letters. He shared with us a wealth of stories and insights about the living relationship that a Torah is to its congregation.

He also corrected any misconceptions that he was a scribe; instead he referred to himself as a “doctor of letters,” restoring health to a Torah. He will be in the Bay Area a few weeks as he completes the work on our scrolls, as well as other congregations’ Torah scrolls.

Donations to the cost of repairing our three Torahs are greatly appreciated and will be acknowledged.

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