Membership Task Force Update

By Bonnie Lindauer, Membership Committee

Your Board has approved a special Membership Task Force. This Task Force is participating in a two-year Jewish Community Federation project devoted to membership. Click here to learn more.

The project is very important for us and will result in an action plan and an opportunity to apply for a $2,000 matching grant from the Federation to implement part(s) of our action plan.

Nine other synagogues in the Bay Area are also participating. The project is based on the idea that each synagogue will focus on developing membership for current and prospective members who share a strong fit of shared interests and values, rather than just reaching out to broad populations of  unaffiliated Jews.

Phase one will include a survey with follow-up focus groups/listening sessions to learn about the needs and interests of current members; understand what brings and keeps members; and determine the gap, if any, between members’ needs, interests and desires and what the synagogue provides. This phase will begin for us in early May. In phase 2 each synagogue’s task force will work with project coaches to interpret the survey data and build and execute an action plan in response to the findings.

This initiative is an exceptional opportunity for our synagogue Membership Committee to end up with a data-driven membership enhancement plan and funding to work with the Board and other B’nai Emunah groups to develop and provide some membership enhancement initiatives/programs.

So please respond to this survey in early May. We really need to get a 75% or higher response rate. The project Task Force will be offering an incentive to respond, but the best incentive is our future, a membership that continues to grow and prosper.

BE:Heard and BE:Involved!

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