B’nai Emunah Awarded Grant to Improve Security

Congregation B’nai Emunah was awarded a grant to improve security by the Department of Homeland Security. Under the FY 2010 Nonprofit Security Grant Program, the California Emergency Management Agency has approved funding for the synagogue’s identified improvements.

An application submitted in February 2010 identified specific improvements that would improve security at the synagogue. These will include installation of higher security entrance doors and hardware, with an entry card reader system. Also, security cameras and an entrance control system will provide visibility of the adjacent sidewalks and street areas, and an ability to identify visitors who seek entrance during hours when the office is open. Finally, iron grill swing and pedestrian gates will be installed on both the 46th Avenue and Taraval sides of the building.

After these improvements, B’nai Emunah will have surveillance of the exterior of the facility. The outside area will be visible from inside the building, and a record will be available. Visitors seeking entrance during periods of limited occupancy can be seen prior to being granted access. Access through the front door when it is locked will be controlled by key cards; unrecorded access will be eliminated. Front doors and gates will be significantly more substantial and reduce the possibility of forced entry. Potential vandals and terrorists may be discouraged by the presence of cameras, hardened entryways, and a heightened security atmosphere. Finally, should a terrorist attack the synagogue, there will be video records of events at the entry way and boundary of the facility.

Installation of the improvements will begin during the latter part of March. There will be no interference with usual activities at the synagogue during the work. We expect the work completed by June.

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