Rabbi Mark Celebrates the New Year at the JCC Preschool

By Rabbi Mark Melamut
Literally started today with a blast!  I sounded shofar for my daughter’s pre-school JCC class.  We sang Happy Birthday to the world, imagined lots of candles on the world’s cake, and made wishes.
We finished with a mini-Tashlich ritual.  I asked the kids to think of something they wanted to do better in the New Year, and was touched by what they shared.
Oil on canvas by Ibby Kleiner
As they dropped crumbs into a bowl of water, their wishes were heard.

“I want to be nicer to my parents,
I will love the world better,
I will share more, and be nicer….and,
I want to learn to swim better, to get to the deep end,
and to climb the monkey bars better.”

May it be so, as we all continue to climb the monkey bars of life.
Shana tova u’mtuka/a good and sweet New Year,
Rabbi Mark Melamut

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