Fun and Faith on a Bike

By Ralph Sinick


One of the youngest participants at the Interfaith Bike Ride event


Final stop in Golden Gate Park. Author Ralph Sinik from congregation B’nai Emunah is in the red t-shirt next to the bench.

May 31st was the first-ever Interfaith Bike Ride, sponsored by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

B’nai Emunah was the only synagogue participating. We were represented by me (Ralph Sinick) and by Elyse Kovalsky and her son Saul (who got a lot of attention as the youngest participant).

Eleven congregations participated in the ride, with a total of forty riders, including a large contingency from the Zen center. The ride passed by a compact group of eight congregations. At each stop, we picked up new riders and learned a bit about the history of that institution.

Our final destination was the museum concourse in Golden Gate park. At that point, since B’nai Emunah was not one of the stops, I was asked to tell the group a bit about who we are and our history. We then had a nice, brief ceremony with, blessings, and strawberries, followed by conversation.

It was fun to go off our usual paths with people who are seeking meaning in their lives in different ways. There was plenty of good conversation, and we enjoyed learning what’s behind some of the facades that we’ve passed so many times.

I realized that everyone is a little hungry to be part of a larger community — and that we have much in common with other communities.

Also, there was a genuine interest among the participants in learning about B’nai Emunah.

Hope to see more of you next year. Don’t worry about the ride being too demanding. You can start where ever you want — you can even begin at the end.

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