Special Guest Speaker at this week’s Shabbat Symposium!

How much do you know about Karaite Judaism?

Karaite Judaism is the oldest form of non-Rabbinic Judaism still in existence. The word Karaism derives from the Hebrew karaim meaning “followers of Scripture”, and Karaites seek to preserve the original meaning of the Hebrew Bible. At one point in the Middle Ages, it appeared that Karaite Judaism would overtake Rabbinic Judaism as the most common form of Jewish practice.

There are an estimated 30,000- 50,000 Karaite Jews in the world today, mostly in Israel. There is only a single Karaite synagogue in the United States– and it happens to be in our backyard in Daly City! Come hear about this fascinating tradition from local Karaite speaker Shawn Lichaa at B’nai Emunah’s Shabbat Symposium program this Saturday at 1:00 pm!

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