Murder Mystery Resolved

By Sharon Bleviss

There was much excitement at B’nai Emunah on Saturday eve, February 13, 2016, as a large crowd gathered at “Buzby’s Nightclub” to attend a “memorial” and solve a “murder.” Poor nightclub owner, Irving, had been brutally poisoned a month before and the usual suspects gathered to pay tribute. The social hall was transformed into a nightclub, replete with mood lighting, vintage bar and disco ball. The suspects included Bernie, the ex-gangster/bouncer (Ralph Sinick); Herbert, the ex-bartender/computer geek (Rabbi Mark); FiFi, the drag queen (Kirk Whitlatch); Goldie, the second cousin environmentalist (Annie Isaacson); Harriet, the senile grieving mother of the deceased (Hayley); and Bella, the pole dancer (Linda Wertheim). The evidence was revealed through four acts during the multi-course meal and, with audience participation, the murder was ultimately solved by undercover Inspector Cupperman (Susan St. Martin).

Can you guess who done it?  Although all suspects had a motive, Bernie ultimately committed the crime to keep Irving from turning him in for his back-room business dealings. You can never trust an ex-gangster…

 Thanks to the excellent crew of Sharon Bleviss and April Lapidus for putting this all together, along with a host of other volunteers!

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0 thoughts on “Murder Mystery Resolved

  • Ralph (bernie) Sinick

    He had it coming!
    After all I done for him, he comes after me for running a little racket? We got ways of dealing with guys like that.

    West Side Prison