B3 Putting Tikkun Olam into Practice

Have you ever heard of “The Ladder of Charity?” The concept comes from the famous rabbi Moses Maimonides, who detailed the various “rungs” of tzedakah and what makes one kind of giving better than another. One of the highest levels is when the giver and beneficiary are anonymous to each other– the idea being that you are not being motivated by a personal relationship with the recipient but are just doing it for the sake of a mitzvah (or, as we might say these days, “the goodness of your heart”).

How does this connect to B3? Well, this year our focus has been on Tikkun Olam, and this past Sunday, our students worked at the SF Food Bank along with volunteers from Sherith Israel. Working together, our group of about 40 students, parents and educators sorted, boxed and stacked over 30,000 pounds of oranges in under two hours! It was a big treat to see the kids having fun while doing something to benefit someone else. It was also humbling to see, in person, just how much good a small group can accomplish with comparatively little effort and time. Food for thought!

If you’re interested in volunteering at the Food Bank, B’nai Emunah has a regular group there once a month. Check our calendar for more details!


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