B’derech: On the road with R. Mark and the Mishpacha 1

Rabbi Mark is off enjoying his well-earned sabbatical this summer, but will be  using our BE blog to send us periodic dispatches from the road. Enjoy!

4,825 miles and going strong!  After a full day in DC and a visit to “The House,” our family relaxed for Shabbat in Baltimore (with a quick pre-Shabbat stop by the kids’ favorite tv show bakery).  We started this week by reconnecting with family and close friends in Philadelphia for a few days.  After some quality time, we then drove to Shenandoah National Park to camp and hike in the awe inspiring and beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Getting back on the road, we’re on the way now to Arkansas to visit a friend in his remote cabin in the Ozarks to refresh and relax for Shabbat.

Shabbat shalom from the road,
Rabbi Mark and the mishpacha

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One thought on “B’derech: On the road with R. Mark and the Mishpacha

  • Pete

    Sounds like a great family gathering. Wonder if yo have a “pot.” Barbara can explain.

    Yesterday Barbara and I attended the Thursday bagels and discussion at Ner Tamid. An Irish couple talked about Jews in Ireland, and more about getting along with others. Interesting history of the couple (trained as a priest, became a businessman, now involved with his wife in youth work in Ireland). Some discussion of the relevance of youth work there and here. Shabbat shalom.