Fred Walker

I was born in Berlin in 1926 where my father owned a millenary store. I went to grammar school after that to Jewish middle school.

On Kristallnacht the Nazis wrecked my father's business. We then crossed into Belgium illegally and lived in Brussels till May 1940 when Germany attacked Belgium. My father was arrested as an enemy alien and was deported to the south of France, from where in 1942 he was transported to Auschwitz.

My mother was arrested in 1942 by the Gestapo for not wearing the yellow star and was sentenced by a military tribunal to eight months in prison. At the end of her sentence, she was also transported to Auschwitz. I received one letter from her.

In the meantime I was caught by a Jewish traitor and transported to Malines, a camp where Jews were collected and then shipped to the east. After about a month in that camp I and about 2000 others were put on a train to Auschwitz. After about an hour or two the train stopped. As soon as the train started to gather speed, I opened the window and jumped out.  Luckily it was the last train using coaches, the next transports consisted of cattle cars.  I landed safely and was happy to see the red lights of the train. A passing Priest I confided in gave me a few franks so I could get back to Brussels. A friend of my mother hid me till the liberation.

In 1947 I came to the United States. In 1950 I was drafted into the U. S. Army and spent 18 months of my 2 years in Germany. I got married by Dr. Kantorowski in 1952. That’s how long I’ve been a member of B'nai Emunah.  The next 30 years passed fairly peacefully until the death of my. I got married again for 25 years, which is one way of getting on in years. Another highlight of my life was my being President of this beautiful shul for four years.