Rabbi Ted Alexander

Rabbi Emeritus

Rabbi Ted P. Alexander has been a beloved teacher and spiritual leader in Northern California for the past 5 decades and served Congregation B’nai Emunah from 1968 to 2006. Rabbi Ted, as he has been known affectionately by his congregants and students, was instrumental in creating an atmosphere of inclusiveness at the Congregation, where people from all backgrounds, experiences, and lifestyles can function as one large family in pursuit of Jewish knowledge, observance, and identity.

Rabbi Ted has taken pride in being highly approachable by everyone, whether in good times or bad. His warmth and good common sense became very much part of the sense of caring that pervades the life of the Congregation. His approach to Judaism is to teach and maintain the traditions that are of value, to encourage free expression and inquiry into any aspect of Jewish life that people wish to explore and discuss, and to support innovation and creativity that will bring Jews closer together and increase the level and quality of their Jewish knowledge.