Shabbat Symposium XXIII: Exploring the Global Jewish Diaspora, part 1

Save The Date: January 30 Symposium at B’nai Emunah. Presenter: Andrew Nusbaum

You may know about Jews in Poland, Spain and Israel, but what about India, Yemen and Uzbekistan? Come discover the traditions and histories of Jewish groups from around the world and how they influence Jewish life today. This first installment of “Beyond Ashkenazim and Sephardim: Exploring the Global Jewish Diaspora” will focus on Jewish communities in Middle Eastern countries and Central and South Asia.Mizrahim    Beni-israel-india-2

We will start around 1:00 pm following kiddush and go for about an hour, leaving time for any questions.

Do *you* have a topic you’d like to learn about or teach to others? Get in touch and let us know!

B’nai Emunah believes all members of the community have something to teach each other. One way of putting this into practice is through our Shabbat Symposium program, a rotating adult education opportunity happening every fourth Saturday following morning services. Each class is led by a knowledgeable community volunteer on a topic of their choice. From holidays to history to religious studies, Shabbat Symposium is a fun chance to learn something new from fellow CBE members. Join us for engaged learning and enthusiastic discussion!

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