No food, no water, no shower?

By Rabbi Mark Melamut

No food, no water, no shower? How can this be the most joyous day of the year?
“Rabbi Shimon ben Gamliel said, “There never were greater days of joy than the 15th of Av and the Day of Atonement.” (Taanit 4:8)
Yom Kippur is the pinnacle of the year when it comes to spiritual experience, vulnerability and potential. On this day we “leave” the material world, its daily grind and rituals, in order to temporarily experience the sublime and liminal sacred space of Yom Kippur. In this spiritual “zone” and with certain limitations, including fasting, we are to feel and enjoy a heightened sense of true joy!

Please enjoy this meaningful Pardes Companion to Yom Kippur to prepare and elevate yourself at home, at shul or wherever you find yourself on this Day of Atonement. See attached.

Wishing everyone a g’mar hatima tovah, a meaningful fast and a spiritually uplifting Yom Kippur!
Rabbi Mark

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