Sisterhood Shabbat and Sunrise Sunset Cafe on January 28

Sisterhood Shabbat

Kiddush Sponsored by Esther Salem-Politi and by Sisterhood

Please join us for our weekly Shabbat Service followed by a sponsored oneg.  Rabbi Mark and Jeff Dielle will present honoraria to Cantor Linda in recognition of her becoming our Cantor Emeritus.The service will be led by Rabbi Mark Melamut and is the most widely attended for our community.

There will be a special kiddush in Honor of Henry Salem.


An Art Opening & Whiskey Tasting –
“The Mysterious Conspiracy of Existence-Etchings by David Avery”

On the same day, join us for the art opening night with our very own member David Avery. There will be a special whiskey tasting hosted by Lev Osherovich.

Whiskey Tasting sponsored by the
($20 donation as the Brothers first fundraiser)

David Avery continues to exploit the constraints inherent in traditional black and white line etching in his studio in San Francisco for his own suspect purposes. His work is included in the collections of the Library of Congress, the Fogg Museum at Harvard University, the New York Public Library, the Achenbach Foundation for the Graphic Arts, the Stanford University Library among others, and has been noted in the New York Times. Originally trained as a classical musician, he discovered etching almost by accident in a class at the local community college. After learning the basic techniques, he intently pursued his own course of discovery, developing an exceptional technique and creating a remarkable body of finely wrought miniature etchings and drypoints. Even though “black and white doesn’t sell”, he has eschewed the use of color, finding the subtleties and tonalities of black and white most capable of creating the psychological mood that allows his work to be effective.

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