A Prayer for Voting

“Ata . . . melamed le’enosh binah”
“You . . .  teach humanity to make distinctions”

Transcendent God, we turn to You as the source of wholeness and holiness, it is through the visions of Your Prophets and Sages that we are inspired to dream of the great unity that will one day embrace all Humanity and all Creation. But that day has not yet dawned, and we live as free people in a land of freedom, a land embracing great diversity in describing the way forward.

On this day we are called to discern and choose, to embrace a vision and cast our vote. Through this profound and critical act, an act of our freewill, we accept responsibility for deciding the pathway into the future for our country. Grant us Your gift of a pure heart and mind, that we may choose wisely, inspired by Your teachings and the wisdom of those whose lives have been touched by Your spirit. Let our vote be inspired by love and not by rancour, and when the choice is made let our loyalty be to all our fellow citizens, for our destinies are linked together.

“Vetaher libeinu le’ovd’kha be’emet”

“Purify our hearts that we may serve You in truth.”

– Rabbi Samuel Barth