Our Rescued Czech Torah Scroll

monrovia-scrollOn our bimah, encased in a lucite box on the wall, is a rescued Czech Torah, from Uherský Brod in Moravia, on loan from the Memorial Scrolls Trust of London. It was obtained by the Men’s Club in 1989. The Men’s Club paid $700 and Max Drimmer, who was Congregation president at the time, had a friend who was traveling in Europe retrieve the scroll. In a well-attended ceremony, the scroll was brought into the shul and handed from the president of the Men’s Club to Max. Henry and Louis Haertel chose to set it at the verses about Amalek since they were analogous to Nazis.

See full story of the Czech scroll

B’nai Emunah affiliations

Our Affiliation with USCJ

We are a conservative synagogue affiliated with USCJ. The Kehilla Ambassador Initiative of USCJ’s Northern Pacific Region is a networked and empowered group of volunteer leaders who’s goals are to facilitate enhanced, two-way communication between the kehillot (synagogue communities) within NPR and with USCJ, and vice versa, assisting the Kehilla Relationship Manager (KRM) in her role as liaison, and developing each individual’s own leadership abilities in the process.

Southside Jewish Collaborative

We are also part of the Southside Jewish Collaborative, which consists of four synagogues all located South of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco’s.  They are:

Congregation Beth Israel Judea
Congregation B’nai Emunah
Congregation Ner Tamid
Congregation Or Shalom

We join together for holiday celebrations (including Purim, Tikun Leyl Shavuot, and Tisha B’av), social action (beach cleanups), and learning opportunities (Judaism University).  We also pair off for holiday morning services and other programming.

Kashrut at B’nai Emunah

Except during Passover, all food served at B’nai Emunah will follow the kashrut guidelines for pareve or dairy – no meat will be brought into the Synagogue or served under any circumstances.

View our detailed kashrut policy