Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

candlesAt Congregation B’nai Emunah we aspire to enrich lives by:

  • cultivating a sacred and supportive community that builds friendships and extended family;
  • inspiring our community to find meaning and purpose in living a Jewish life;
  • creating a variety of opportunities to explore Jewish teachings and practice, ask questions, and celebrate Jewish life; and
  • honoring each person’s Jewish journey.

Our Mission

Congregation B’nai Emunah provides opportunities to pursue Jewish knowledge, identity, observance, spirituality, and social justice within an inclusive, caring, and diverse community where everyone feels welcome and valued. We welcome those from all faith backgrounds and try to be responsive to individual and community needs.

Our Enduring Values

Congregation B’nai Emunah:

  • provides opportunities for making deeper connections
  • is warm, welcoming, friendly, hamish, caring and unpretentious
  • is an environment where everyone has the potential to make a difference
  • is non-judgmental, accepting everyone where they are and for who they are
  • is a place where influence is determined by passion, expertise and experience, rather than only by authority or professional training
  • is inclusive and egalitarian, where differences are irrelevant
  • is like an extended family, intergenerational and participatory
  • respects tradition, yet is progressive and open to innovation
  • feels safe