Marriage Checklist


The Essential Jewish Wedding Checklist

  • Huppa (wedding canopy)
  • Ketuba (Jewish marriage document)
  • Pen for signing documents
  • Delicate glass and cover for breaking
  • White wine or white grape juice (enough for 2 cups)
  • Two Kiddush cups
  • Ring(s)
  • State marriage license
  • Two witnesses to sign the license
  • Two witnesses to sign the ketuba
  • Two “guards” (friends) to allow you time together immediately after the ceremony
  • List of names of deceased or loved ones who can’t attend
  • Words to say/vows at the ring exchange
  • Choice of English translation of the sheva brachot (7 blessings)
  • Kippot (head coverings)
  • Prior visit to the mikveh?
  • Kittel (wedding garment)?

Sample Jewish Ceremony Outline

(approximately 30 minutes once the procession begins)

  • Private/Family Ketuba signing
  • Procession
  • Circling and entering the huppa.
  • Words of welcome and remembering loved ones
  • Blessings of love and commitment. First sip of wine.
  • A deep breath moment/turning to “take in” friends and family (and the “the guest iphone pic”)
  • Ring exchange
  • Ketuba reading
  • Seven wedding blessings. Second sip.
  • Rabbi’s blessing
  • Breaking the glass
  • Recession