Sukkot at B’nai Emunah

Moving Outside from Yom Kippur

Following a long day inside shul doing the internal spiritual work of Yom Kippur, we were delighted to BE outside and do some complementary external preparation for Sukkot. In our temporary hut we’ll sit, sing, and shake the lulav, and eat, and sleep.

b'nai emunah sukkah

Season of Joy

Having celebrated Rosh Hashanah with apples and honey, we’ve passed through the gates of Yom Kippur to now arrive at the opening and welcoming entrance to our z’man simchateinu (זמן שמחתנו), our season of JOY.

Big Sukkah, Little Sukkah

Making candy sukkot is one of the favorite and sweetest memories in our Hebrew Hangout.  Roof materials are natural, like kale and mint, and the walls are constructed of graham crackers.  Kids take this fun holiday activity seriously.

sukkah children