August 24th at B’nai Emunah – Love Laughter and Torah –


Alan Wald’s palindrome art featured in the J


Send the name and composer or performer of your favorite sing-a-long song. Bruce will learn and include it in our sing-a-long. 

Requests must be emailed to by Wednesday August 14th.


BRUCE FRAGER’s love of music is infectious. He grew up in Memphis, Home of the Blues and notables like Elvis Presley, which set him up for a future of humming, singing and strumming. Bruce has played guitar since age 10 and started learning piano by ear at age 12. He played sitting at the back of a bus with other singers and musicians, at Jewish youth events throughout the south, and in high school and college bands, including guitar, keyboards, bass and drums. He lived in Israel 1974 and 1980-1986 and learned Israeli popular and traditional music. He continues to learn new songs on many instruments, including his new ukulele and mandolin.

ALAN WALD is a retired media relations spokesperson for the U.S. Postal Service. As a youngster, he would often solve daily Jumble newspaper anagram puzzles in under a minute, and went on to play tournament level Scrabble. He quickly discovered that palindromes are like miniature works of art. Constructing a great palindrome is like unearthing a gold nugget. Besides fulfilling its technical requirement of reading the same in both directions, a great palindrome is succinct, grammatical, and conveys truth or wisdom. Some palindromes also exude humor and alliteration. Aside from the self-satisfaction derived, Alan believes that constructing palindromes is also a mental exercise that keeps a brain healthy.

CAROLYN BASS is a San Francisco native who worked in human resources at UCSF for thirty years. She recently retired and plans to offer Advanced Power Coaching to help clients enhance their quality of life. Carolyn’s deep faith is modeled after her father who served in the military during World War II and wore his dog tags overseas, including during the Battle of the Bulge. His tags identified him as Jewish and he returned home unharmed.

During Alan’s palindrome presentation, Carolyn will play the part of an Israeli hippie named Sunflower. Her charm adds a delightful touch to Alan’s fascinating presentation.