Zwerin Alexander Annual Retreat

Zwerin Alexander Annual Memorial Retreat

Congregation B’nai Emunah has been holding its annual retreat for 41 years! Beginning in 2019, our retreat is cosponsored with Congregation Beth Israel Judea.

Our retreat is in memory of Rabbi Dr. Ken Zwerin and Rabbi Ted Alexander.

Rabbi Zwerin

Courtesy of Dr. Bruce Stamper

Dr. Ken Zwerin was a rabbi, teacher and business who infused his teachings with Torah wisdom, humor and common sense. In 1955, thirty-two families gathered in Hillsborough, California to found a new synagogue that became known as Peninsula Temple Sholom, now located in Burlingame. They turned to Dr. Zwerin to help them launch their effort and Dr. Zwerin served as Rabbi and Liturgical Director until the congregation was able to hire a full time rabbi and Dr. Zwerin was able to continue his business career.

Dr. Zwerin was a Rabbi’s Rabbi to whom colleagues turned for friendship and guidance. Rabbi Ted Alexander and Dr. Zwerin became very close over the years. Their friendship led to the founding of the annual Zwerin Retreat, which is now in its 41st year.

Rabbi AlexanderRabbi Ted Alexander served as spiritual leader of our congregation from 1968 to 2006 and as RabbiEmeritus from 2006 until he passed away on October 4, 2016. After Rabbi Ted passed away, the Zwerin Memorial Retreat was renamed the Zwerin-Alexander Memorial Retreat.

May the memory of Rabbi Dr. Ken Zwerin and Rabbi Ted Alexander be a blessing for all time.



2020 Remote Retreat

Our June 2020 retreat featured Robert Alter, Biblical scholar and author of
The Hebrew Bible: A Translation with Commentary, a three volume set.

May 2019 Retreat

Our May 2019 retreat featured Daniel Matt, one of the foremost authorities on Jewish mysticism and the Zohar and primary translator of The Zohar Pritzker Edition. Learn about studying online with Dr. Daniel Matt.

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