Dec 2 we meet at B’nai Emunah for the Chanukah Bazaar

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From: Rabbi Elisheva Salamo <>
Date: Wed, Nov 28, 2018 at 7:39 PM
Subject: Chanukkah Fun!
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Dear Friends,
Channukah is almost here!
This weekend, please remember that we meet at B’nai Emunah for Channukah activities and a chance for the kids and yourselves to enjoy the Craft Faire.  Here is our approximate schedule:

10:00 am – Tefillah in the Sanctuary – Tefillah and Songs

10:30 am – B3 Game Booths, leading to snack (generously provided by B’nai Emunah)

Optional self-guided Adult Study

11:00 am – Capture the Menorah at the Beach 

11:45 am – B3 students visit the Chanukah Faire with teachers and parents if you are there/back.

12:10 pm – Light the Menorah

12:15 pm – Pick up

On Friday, December 7 you may head to B’nai Emunah at 6:30 pm (NOTE TIME CORRECTION) as we bless the candles for Hanukah and Shabbat, followed by Shabbat and Hanukah songs, prayers and a delicious Hanukah Kiddush, or go to Beth Israel Judea for dinner and lighting menorot.  Please check respective websites for further details, as needed.  It’s a great holiday to bring a friend.
We continue through December 16th with regular school.  We need snack provided on December 9th – please let me know if you can bring food.  Also, we will need snacks starting again in January, please sign up on the Google Doc or let me know your preferred date.
Blessings for a holiday filled with Joy and Light!
Rabbi Elisheva