Latest B3 School Update

February 6, 2019

Dear Wonderful Families,

The daffodils are blooming, and some iris have popped up as well, and we are headed towards ski week in the private schools. It’s a quiet time, Jewishly, as we prepare for the raucousness of Purim and the pleasures of Passover. It’s a time to be grateful for the blooming and greening, to watch the hills shake their coats of gold, and to wonder at the weather as we move from rain to hail to warm sunny days. In the midst of the school year, we can take stock of our routines, add a little more zest to our Shabbat tables, our havdalah wishes, and the blessings we bestow upon our children.

I love the tradition of sharing a blessing with my child every night as she goes to bed, even a not-specifically-Jewish one.  We have such hectic days that a snuggle and a moment of reflection can work wonders to ground and delight both sides of the blessing equation. There is so much wisdom in creating small ritual that comforts and connects us to one another!  I love to sing the angel prayer to my daughter, even on nights she is not with me, I surround her with my love and Divine glory.

Here,, you can find a beautiful sheet with this blessing put together by Rabbi Pam, in case you need a reminder of the words.

We have regular B3 this week, including E3 with Moreh Andrew, and then NO SCHOOL on Sunday, February 17th, as a President’s day break.  We come back on February 24th with regular school and E3 (snack needed).  Please mark your calendars for Shabbat Shelanu, March 1st at BIJ, and B3 continues on March 3rd as usual.  On March 10th, we will all be groggy from the time change, so it will be PYJAMA DAY with hot chocolate and possibly other goodies for all.

May you enjoy the many small moments of beauty and love that come your way! Blessings,

Rabbi Elisheva