Passover Logistics

• Our Matzo Exchange remains open throughout Pesach

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Click here for the B’nai Brith Haggadah that we will have on the screen during our B’nai Emunah Seders. You are welcome to also download and print to follow along or for your own use.

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Click to Order the Passover Fun Book for Children

Easy Ideas for

Shankbone, Roasted Egg, Karpas and Maror

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Twelve Haroset Recipes

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Prepared Kosher for Pesach Food (certified by Vaad HaKashrus of Northern Calilfornia

Click for Epic Bites Kosher Catering may have food available during Chol HaMoed

Click for Oakland Kosher Foods or call 510-839-0177. They will be open during Chol HaMoed.

Neshama Catering: Website home page . Check to see if they have food available during Chol HaMoed


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PESACH SHOPPING TIPS from the Conservative Movement

In view of the Coronavirus

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