BE-BIJ Retreat Schedule – June 26-28, 2020

Friday Evening

6:30 pm Shabbat Service with Rabbi Pam – BE Zoom
7:30 pm Free Time
7:45 pm Torah and Haftarah Study with Rabbi Danny & Rabbi Pam – BIJ Zoom
9:00 pm Schmoozing on Zoom, available until 10 pm – BIJ Zoom

Shabbat Day

10:00 am Shabbat Service – BE Zoom
12:00 pm Kiddush and Motzi – BE Zoom
12:10 pm Free Time (Schmoozing on Zoom, available until 1pm) – BE Zoom
3:00 pm How to Read Biblical Narrative led by Robert Alter – BE Zoom
4:30 pm Free Time
5:30 pm Dinner and Learn: – BIJ Zoom
The Challenge of Translating the Bible led by Robert Alter (eat or snack in the comfort of your home as we listen and learn together)- BIJ Zoom
7:00 pm Free Time (Schmoozing on Zoom available) – BIJ Zoom
7:30 pm Kumsitz with Israeli, country and Rock ’n Roll Music and Havdalah led by Rabbi Danny and Cantor Ricki – BIJ Zoom 


10:00 am Morning Worship – BE Zoom
11:00 am Free Time (Schmoozing on Zoom available) – BE Zoom
11:30 am Brunch and Learn: The Essential Role of Dialogue in the Bible led by Robert Alter “(enjoy some food and drink while we listen learn and discuss).- BE Zoom
12:45 pm Closing Circle – BE Zoom
1:00 pm Schmoozing on Zoom available until 2:00 pm – BE Zoom