Welcome Rabbi Pam

From Our President

Dear Congregation B’nai Emunah Members and Friends,

On behalf of our Board of Directors and Search Committee, I am pleased to inform you that Rabbi Pam Frydman will serve as our Interim Rabbi beginning August 1.

Rabbi Pam was founding Rabbi of Or Shalom Jewish Community in San Francisco and served as Interim Rabbi of Congregation P’nai Tikvah in Las Vegas. She is also writing a book on the Holocaust for which she interviewed Rabbi Ted Alexander z”l, Gertrude Alexander and Ruth Callman z”l.

She served as Administrative Director of OHALAH, the association of Jewish Renewal clergy; as International Co-Chair of Rabbis for Women of the Wall; as Chair of Ruach Hiddush, Rabbis and Cantors for Religious Freedom and Equality in Israel; and as Coordinator of Beyond Genocide, a campaign of the Board of Rabbis of Northern California and several interfaith councils, that earned a United Nations Association Global Citizen Award (East Bay Chapter).

Rabbi Pam earned her BA in Psychology and Linguistics from Tel Aviv University and rabbinic ordination from the Aleph Ordination Program, the Jewish Renewal rabbinical school.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the rabbi search and interview process.

Please join us in welcoming Rabbi Pam to the BE family at Shabbat services, Thursday morning minyan and during our August 19th members meeting.

Jeff Dielle

Congregation B’nai Emunah


From Our Rabbi

Dear Members and Friends,

Rabbi Pam Frydman

Photo by Diana Stone

I am thrilled to serve as Interim Rabbi of Congregation B’nai Emunah where everyone is Jewish enough!

This Shabbat Aug. 3-4 is Shabbat Mevorchim when we announce the Hebrew month of Elul which begins the evening of Aug. 10. “Elul” is composed of the Hebrew letters Aleph – Lamed – Vav – Lamed, which is an abbreviation for Ani – l’dodi – v’dodi – li, I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.

During Elul, we begin the process of teshuvah, making a you-turn, returning to who we really are through saying we are sorry, making amends and redoubling our efforts to be true to ourselves and kind to those in the world around us. When we are true to ourselves, we are our own beloved and we are also half way to fulfilling the mitzvah of loving our neighbor as our ourselves.

I look forward to getting to know each of you and celebrating High Holy Days together with Cantor Linda and the Choir. I look forward to working with Shais day to day and with our President, Board of Directors, Committees and all of our staff and volunteers.

I am humbled to follow in the footsteps of my predecessors Rabbi Mark Melamut, Rabbi Ted Alexander, z”l and Rabbi Dr. George Kantorowsky, z”l and I know that I have very big shoes to fill.

I also look forward to working with Rabbi Elisheva Salamo, incoming Director of the B3 Religious School, and I look forward to getting to know the students in our Hebrew School and the B3 School.

I am available to meet by phone or in person on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you would like to get together, please email me or phone my cell or the B’nai Emunah office. If you need me urgently concerning a death or serious illness, feel free to phone or email me any time.

Wishing you a wonderful rest of the summer, a meaningful month of Elul and a sweet and fulfilling year ahead!

Rabbi Pam

415-664-7373 – office
415-261-3404 – cellular